Channel 4 Random Acts: KX100

This visual short pays homage to a cultural British icon. The KX100 phone box, before their nationwide removal from the street of the UK.

The KX100 phone box is a small space and pocket in society that has an affect on social interaction. Phone boxes become toilets, brothels, shelters from the rain, advertising hoardings and places for illicit transactions.

Using slit scan photography we turn an often un-appreciated object into a mesmerising contortion. Moving focus to an object that is often just a background prop in which events take place or around, now the KX100 becomes the event itself, as we pierce through the ignorance and comfort that come with the familiarity that dulls the world around us as we grow up and get older.

Through this film I hope to foster open-mindedness and an appreciation of the traditionally 'bland' spaces and objects that make up our lived environment.

Poetry - James Massiah

Lead Actor 1 - Jake Neads

Lead Actor 2 - Chloe Giles

Director - Will Dohrn

Producer - Aaron Z. Willson

Production Designer - Andrew Cunningham

Director of Photography - Duncan Parker

Production Company - Ground Work

Production Manager - Rosie Wells

2nd Unit Director of Photography - Ben Brook

1st Assistant Camera - Jerry Dobson

Graphic Design & Art - Alfie Allen

Casting - Carmen Young & Rosie Wells

Stylist - Carmen Young

Runner - Molly Denton

Runner - Jordan Kelvin

Music & Sound Design - Echoic Audio

Post Production - Robin Littlewood

Colourist - Jon Howard

Commissioning Editor - Catherine Bray

Commissioning Assistant - Jake Cunningham

Special Thanks:

Tricha Passes, Signs & That

David Johnston, Martin Dohrn

Tom Gilbert and Kizzie Willson Applebee