Idles - War

A story of pain, compassion and alleviation, expressed through hands.

Director & Editor - Will Dohrn
Producer - Mel Giles
Director of Photography - Harry Wheeler
Executive Producer - Aaron Z. Willson
Production Company - Ground Work

1st AC - Pete Wade
2nd AC - Henry Russell

1st Grip - Johnny Donne
2nd Grip - Simon Ward

Grip Assistant - Jack Robson
Grip Development - Rob Barlow
Grip Development - Henry Fothergill
Feral Equipment Co-ordinator - Matthias De Oliveira

Gaffer - Yan Murawki

DIT - Matt Huthchins

Production Designer - Alexandra Toomey

Production Manager - Tara Sadeghi

Stylist - Rebekah Roy
Stylist Assistant - Melody Rawles

Casting Director - Bobby Mitchell
Casting and Character Stylist - Carmen Young

Colourist - Tim Smith
Colour Producer - Lauren Jones

Title Design - Alfie Allen

Editor - Will Dohrn
Image Researcher - Nathalie Dohrn

Commissioner - Theresa Adebiyi
Record Label - Partisan Records
Equipment Supply - Panavision

Ratiba Ayadi
Mark Farry
Nobuse Junior
Ashton Coe

Girlfriend - Carmen Young
Police - James Deason
Police - Gwilym Evans
Paramedic - Raeesah K
Paramedic - Grant Tozer
Police - Marvin Montoute
Mother - Jane Griffiths
Baby - Taite Hamilton
Mother - Megan Williams

Special Thanks - George Ramsey & Matthew Sudbury at Panavision
Grace & the team at Dream Bag Jaguar Shoes
Rushant at Xara Limited
Richard Goddard
Kia Little
Oliver James
Emily England